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Wheelyboat Sessions

Wheelyboat Sessions

Wheelyboat Sessions

Wheelyboat @ Upton Warren

Any participants aged under 18 years old must have a Waiver- General Form of Disclaimer completed by an authorised adult.

PLEASE NOTE: Green circles show when the activity is running, please click on the green circle to check availability for the session.

What you need to know:

This is a 45 minute wheelyboat session aimed at people with disabilities. If you are unsure about your physical suitability, please seek medical advice BEFORE booking a session.

We have a motorised Wheely boat where wheelchair users can board and be taken around the lake by one of our volunteers. An opportunity to experience a trip around our lake from your normal chair. Our Wheelyboat allows you to roll onto it via its landing craft type ramp at the front.

There will be a toilet available for use, there are changing rooms and showers available.  There is a disabled changing room available.

What you need to bring:  (appropriate for the time of year)

• Clothes for on the water such as jogging trousers, sweatshirt, t-shirt
• Waterproofs
• Warm hat/sun hat
• Sun cream