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Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming @ Upton Warren
What you need to know:
Age: 18yrs +

There are toilets, changing rooms and showers available. 

Enjoy a refreshing wild swim around a 400 metre course. 
All swim courses are to be swam in a clockwise direction around the lake.
  • The water temperature must be 11 Degrees Centigrade or over for the Open Water Swimming Session to take place.
  • If the water temperature is 16 Degrees Centigrade or over, you can choose not to wear a wetsuit.

We don't hire out wetsuits for Open Water Swimming.

If you have done an open water swim less than 4 times you must inform the Beach Master of this before you enter the water, a tow float must also be used.  We have limited tow floats for use, waist size 58cm-108cm or 23 inches-42 inches.

Access and egress from the lake is from the kayak beach, which is on the South West bank of the lake.

You must inform the Beach Master before you enter the lake, and again on exiting the lake.

What to bring:
You must wear a wetsuit if the water temperature is below 16 Degrees Centigrade
You must wear a bright coloured swim hat
You must bring a tow float if you have done open water swimming less than 4 times
Flip-flops / sandles are useful for walking on the gravel path