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Recreational Climbing

14+ | £7.50 (Adult) / £6 (Child) Climbing | £3 Belay only

Recreational Climbing

Recreational Climbing @ Sport Martley

All over 18's will need to complete a Waiver - General Form of Disclaimer.

Any participants aged under 18 years old must have a Waiver- General Form of Disclaimer completed by an authorised adult.

PLEASE NOTE: Green circles show when the sessions are running, please click on the green circle to check availability for the session.

What you need to know:

This session is from 18:30 - 21:00, you can arrive and depart at any time during this session.

You must provide all of the required details of the participants at the time of booking, amendments can be made to your booking by emailing us with the updated details, you will need to provide your booking reference number in order to make any changes.

These sessions are for competent climbers making use of the different routes that the climbing wall has to offer.  The auto belays will be available after a short induction in addition to all the top roped lines.  All sessions are overseen by an Aztec supervisor.  Our intention is to change to route setting from time to time so that there will be new challenges to try.

Minimum weight limit of 10kg or 1-2 stone and a maximum weight limit of 150kg or 23 stone per person.

Participants under the age of 18 years old must have a responsible adult at the centre for the duration of their session.

A harness and climbing shoes are included in the price (please bring your own thin socks, trainer socks are ideal).

You must be in category A or B:

Category A
All participants must be 18 years old or over and be able to correctly:

-put on a climbing harness
-attach a climbing rope to their climbing sit harness
-tie into their harness with a re-threaded figure of eight knot
-use a belay device and a climbing sit harness to belay correctly and reliably


Category B
The participant is aged 14+ years and has been assessed as competent to hold a Junior Competency sign off by an instructor employed by Aztec Adventure Limited.

Belay only
As category A, but if you are going to belay a climber, but not climb yourself.

If you are in category A above, you can supervise up to a maximum of 2 novice climbers who are at least 6 years old.

If you do, you must declare that:

-you are prepared to take full responsibility for them
-will belay them, or back up their belay system at all times.

Safety Note

If Aztec Adventure Ltd's climbing wall supervisor deems any actions to be unsafe they will:

-Provide correctional advice and monitor futher actions
-Declare the participant incompetent and not allow them to participate in the sessions until they have successfully attended a climbing and belaying competency test.

What to bring:

• T-shirt
• Long shorts or trousers
• Trainers (if you don't want to wear climbing shoes)
• Thin trainer socks to wear inside climbing shoes (we can provide climbing shoes)
• No hoodies are allowed whilst climbing